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Here at U-Play, we work hard to provide superior quality products manufactured in the United States for our clients.  Our vision is to bring back the creation of products made in the United States one client at a time.  We strive for client satisfaction, and won't rest until we have achieved this mission.

We strive for excellence, and we firmly believe that what you put into something, is what you will get out of it. This is why we dedicate ourselves to working hard to produce high-quality products for our clients.  Our goal is to bring corporations back to manufacturing their products back to the United States. By doing so, we hope to grow our organization throughout the United States to better accommodate more businesses.


U-Play Corporation is a comprehensive, high-tech, integrated enterprise that originated in Wuhu, China. Specializing in the development, production, and selling of both adult hygiene products and pet products.  U-Play Corporation was founded in 2006 and is home to four advanced manufacturing bases. We have three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the city of Wuhu, 186 miles west of Shanghai. The newest addition to the U-Play Corporation is our 9.88-acre production facility located in Virginia Beach, VA which opened in June 2017.  The Virginia Beach location provides offers businesses the availability to produce their own private labels in the United States! 


U-Play employs more than 500 workers and has more than 10 high-speed automatic production machines installed to make adult incontinence products such as diapers, underpads, and liners, as well as puppy training pads, paper-based cat litter, and pet shampoo. 


U-Play is a global hygiene products manufacturer.  Our products are popular in over 40 countries, including Japan, USA, UK, and Germany, etc. Our premium training pads are exported to Japan, which has the strictest quality standards. U-Play went public on Beijing Stock Exchange in October 2015.


We also heavily invest in R&D by setting up several labs with partners from the industry, which has brought us more than 100 patents on adult incontinent products and puppy training pads. 


U-Play strives to produce products that provide the highest quality to our consumers. Currently, U-Play manufactures five brands throughout our bases.

•  Fupai, China- Targets medium to high-end incontinence market and the E-commerce market.

•  Cocoyo, China- Targets medium to high-end pet hygiene market and E-commerce platform.

•  HoneyCare- Our flagship brand for pet hygiene products in China.

•  Uni-free- In 2017, U-Play launched the new brand of Uni-free and Cotton Babies. Uni-free

    is our brand for feminine care products and Cotton Babies brand is for baby care products.

•  All-Absorb- This is our United States brand that targets medium to high-end disposable
    pet products.


Our company vision for the next twenty years is to be the top three Chinese consumer goods companies with global influence.  The opening of the U-Play factory in America is an important step in achieving the great vision of U-Play.


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